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One size may fit some, but not all.

Most digital platforms today are built to scale. While this may work for some needs, learning and training require custom features that platforms may or may not accomodate. We've narrowed down three instances where custom builds are a more viable option.


Curated Learning Journeys

If you have learning journeys that do not fit into the available platforms, we can help create a custom learning platform that meets your needs.

Unique Audience

If there is a unique audience to whom you want to make your learning resources available to, we can create digital technologies that can help ease this process.

Digital Transformation

Adapting digital technologies in the learning and development space works to integrate processes that are unique to the organisation. And custom solutions are flexible to accomodate these processes.

Let's not reinvent the

We work with your exisiting infrastructure and build only the necessary features.


We understand the problem statements and create relevant user journeys from there.


Our in-house team of UI & UX designers work towards combining good visuals and intuitive design to help the user form habits.


Our development team is always on the look out to try new technologies. We learn from every new project and keep honing our skills to deliver excellent experiences.


This interface allows us to communicate between two independent systems to create a more effective and effecient flow of information.


Our Projects


a Performance Management Tool for the Retail Employees

This application allows L&D and HR teams to digitize performance management of retail employees to effectively manage their career growth.

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