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Just like with classroom lesson plans, online learning needs a comprehensive learning strategy.

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Our in-house design and development team are able to effectively execute the curated learning plans.

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Whether it’s working with an exisiting platform or developing a new one, we’ve got your tech needs covered.

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An interesting conclusion from The Impact of Digital Technology on Learning report is that,

We need a clear rationale for why we think the introduction of (yet another) new technology will be more effective than the last one.

Does digital technology improve learning?

The Short Answer:

The Long Answer:

The success of digital learning solutions depends on various factors including its purpose, audience, design and engagement. Here are some questions we ask before we begin developing a learning intervention so that we can measure its success.

  • Who is going to use this?
  • What is the purpose of the technology intervention?
  • What is the context?

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Apart from coming together on a badminton court
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