Learning type before
file type.

Let's define what we'd like the learners to learn before we choose the medium through which they do!


How can we help?

We can help create learning resources that fit into an already exisiting curriculum.
We can begin by defining the intended learning outcome and try to align it to the following learning objectives.


Share information and facts to help learners recall content


Help learners understand and make sense of the information shared earlier


Design experiences where learners are able to use the information in a new situation


Guide learners to come to conclusions based on the information that is available


Allow learners to combine the information they have learnt with their personal experiences


Encourage learners to present new ideas or learnings based on their experiences

We can then choose the appropriate type of learning resource
that will help meet the outlined learning objective.

Explore some our popular learning resources.

Explainer Videos

We use a combination of moving visuals and text to help the learner understand a core idea or concept. The video is supported by a narrator and a good soundtrack.

Interactive Workbooks

This resource helps learners practice specific concepts and ideas. These can be graded automatically and appropriate feedback can be shared, depending on the learner's choice.

(Interactive) Infographics

A visual representation of information that can help breakdown a complex concept into smaller ideas. This can also act as a useful reminder or a quick reference guide for procedural information.

Self-Learning Courses

This resource can present a particular concept in detail and the learner can complete this at their own pace. Other elements like videos and interactive activities can be used to enrich this resource.

Session Resources

If a learning programme needs to be conducted in a classroom setting, we can help create presentations, worksheets, feedback forms and any other resources that can help facilitate this session efficiently.

Learner's Guide

This can help learners document their understanding or note down their responses to a particular situation or idea. This can help record learnings that may otherwise be lost in the objective-type questions.

Frequently asked questions.

If you have more questions for us, please let us know here.

How quickly can these resources be created?

We've learnt from experience that words like quick, fast, rapid tend to cause more panic and less success. Curation of these resources from start to finish (with an acceptable number of iterations) takes time. Talk to us and we can work on a timeline that is comfortable for both our teams.

Absolutely! All our assets are customisable to your needs. We also create a few design choices for you to explore various styles and themes.

Our price includes end-to-end development - starting from breaking down the cotent and storyboarding, to development of the learning resource. We include an acceptable number of iterations in both the storyboarding and production phases, so that there is opportunity for feedback from various stakeholders. Voice-Overs and translations to other languages will be charged at actuals.

You do! After we finish the production of the learning resource, we share all the original files and assets with you.

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